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    I wanted to add the Mode Switcher luna boot patch this morning, so I fired up Preware.

    I had 3 app updates, so I selected "Update All", which opened up the App Catalog. The App Catalog displayed an error message, so I tossed the card away and hit "Update All" again in Preware. I got the error message in the App Catalog again.

    When I went back to Preware, it told me to update the feeds again, so I clicked Update at the bottom of the screen. The wheel spun & spun for over 30 minutes, so I swiped the Preware card away and launched Preware again. This time, I got a message that said something like, "This process should only take a few seconds. If it lasts longer that that, you probably interrupted a feed update and should reboot your phone." So, I rebooted the phone.

    I started Preware again after the reboot and it has been stuck on the same screen for the last 90 minutes:

    Downloading Feed Information

    I have a Verizon Pre Plus running v1.4.5, connected via Wifi. I know the wifi works because I have been sending/receiving emails all along during the Preware package download.

    Anyone with some advice?
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    make sure you restart your phone and then restart preware, dont hit update all for apps from app catalog.
    If this helped you hit thanks.

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