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    just curious to see if anyone has tried to set up their own feed for preware. Like for example, if you have a domain, and you put a folder on the site, lets just say it would be:
    and you put a compressed file with your pkgs, a stamp file and the pkgs themselves, will preware recognize the feed? Assuming you have your directory links accurate and your files are accurate.. Has anyone tried this and if so, how smooth was your set up?
    (just seeing if anyone has tried)
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    no one has tried this?
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    I have. Made a node application that makes a feed and packages applications when they have been modified. Right now though I only have it working on my local mac since I'm using palm package in the build script. I also just uploaded the generated files to my ws and it worked just fine.
    It wasn't me officer, I swear.
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    sweet, I tested too with my back up of ipk files, created a folder on my domain, put an ipk file in there, and followed the same format for the stamp and gz files as our main feeds in preware, and I was able to install the ipk from my web server to my device, through a feed that I created, very cool. I just need to speed up my other projects that I have cookin

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