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    Hello all, cryptk of WebOS Internals here with my first port over to webos. Normally I do more back end work but I decided to give this a shot. Pressi Zola is a nice strategic board game where you try and pin down your opponent. Currently available in the App Catalog for 99 cents (and once it gets approved a free version as well).

    Download links:
    Paid (99 cents):

    Features I have added:
    Sound (Music from your USB drive)
    Scoreboard (resets when you return to the menu)
    Reformatting the UI for better touch controls
    Reworked a couple of things for better performance (still ongoing)

    So, if you have the paid version (or once approved the free one) and have any questions or suggestions let me know!

    you can also follow/contact me on twitter @cryptkcoding

    P.S. Did I mention that the free version is exactly the same as the paid one, no limits on it... The only difference is one comes with a donation to WebOS Internals.
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    free version has been published, should be active sometime soon
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    Alright, tried it out. Was surprised at how much fun it was. Loved the fact that second player could be another human player, more games need that.

    From what I can tell, all music is grabbed - and that includes my audio books. Something I'd like would be to select a default folder for music, so I can avoid those books being pulled up as background music.

    Anyway, thanks for porting it!
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    Thanks for porting this game. Had never seen this game before but now am really enjoying it.
    One request though, is there any chance of adding stats to the paid version? I want to know how often I beat the computer.


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