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    so y dosnt my preware work after i updated my phone sorry my bad i ment to put 1.4.5
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    Because you are on a ridiculously outdated OS version
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    my bad re did post
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    <thread renamed>

    OP.. you are going to have to actually supply some more information than that... its like going to the doctor and saying how come I don't feel 'quite right'. Ummm....
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    ok like i recently updated my phone to 1.4.5 and evrytime i go to dl somthing or update somthing or install a patch it says faild and instantly restars my phone
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    What doesn't work ~ installing patches >themes>kernels, or just getting preware to be installed on your phone? o_O
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    all of that i had preware on my phone and deleted it cause it wouldnt work and now i cant find the tool to reinstall it so
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    All the info to reinstall Preware back onto your Pre is here:

    Application:Preware - WebOS Internals
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    ok i did but i get the same error faild+ipk_packege
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    Did you make sure to uninstall any overclocking kernels, themes, etc? I did not, and Preware finally allowed me to re-install patches after deleting Uberkernel and running Emergency Patch Recovery.
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    I would uninstall all themes, restart my phone, and try loading preware again.
    If this helped you hit thanks.

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