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    I have seen in the comments on the 1ghz announce thread that a lot of people are using a custom setting of 250/1ghz to improve battery life while the phone screen is off. The slowest setting is 125mhz, my question is, does lowering the speed of the processor that low cause any adverse side effects that are causing people to not go that slow?
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    I have had issues with under-clocking. When I would wake the phone up, it appears really groggy. It might take 4-5 seconds for the screen to come on... or the unlock screen will come on very dim and unresponsive for a few seconds. Setting my low to 500mHz fixes that issue.
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    The only time you would want a low screenstate speed would be if you were streaming music or doing some other cpu intensive task with the screen off. Otherwise it better to have a fast off-screenstate so you can get back down to idle asap.

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    Anything lower that 500mhz isn't recommended. The stock pre is clocked at min~500mhz, max~600mhz.
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    Thanks for the feedback
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    It differs from one phone to the next. Some devices deal with the lower frequencies just fine while others have issues.
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