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    I have been using the alpha F102 for a few months. I just noticed it is out of alpha and available on preware. Should I remove the alpha one and reinstall the one in preware? Is there any differences?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RL View Post
    Yes, there is a difference in both. One is (Beta) the other is for Public use. Note: The one for public use as a max frequency of 800mhz, as to the one in beta that have 1GHz.
    Wrong. Not even close.

    Delta Dagger is, and has always been 800mhz. As far as any differences between the old beta and the new release, I'm pretty sure that they're the same. I think I saw Rod say something about that last week when it went live. I'm not 100% though, it'd be a good idea to check which build you are running and check it against the build in preware. The release notes are readily available.
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    F102 in public feed has the same features as beta versions but with updated code considered stable. It is 800Mhz in both public and beta feeds.

    It will never be 1GHz.
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    I was thrown off a little with all these kernels. F102 make my phone so snappier, I had mistaken it for 1ghz. (My Bad)

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