I've had UK 1.4.5-92 on my second Pre with Bell Mobility 1.4.5 and it worked fine. I got my 3rd yesterday and everytime I put it in 1Ghz/250Mhz Screenstate, seems to lock up on me, nothing works but a battery pull.

I doctored my phone today(thought it was 1.4.5, turned out to be then did an OTA update to 1.4.5

Installed Preware via WOSQI
Added Testing Feeds
Updated All Feeds
Installed Emergency FStab Fixer
Installed Govnah
Installed Uberkernel
Set Govnah to 250/1GHz
(all necessary resets already done)
Fire up Preware.... Phone freezes

if I leave it at Screenstate 500/800 everything works as per normal (minus 200MHz)

So, am I pretty much screwed as far as getting to the 1G again, ie is this something to do with the hardware or is there something I can do to get back up there again?