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    Hey, really like the idea of the onscreen keyboard but its not really useable for me in its current form. as it lays often over the text input field and you have to move it arround alot if you want to use it in different apps.
    Then i thought about a keyboard as notification... i came up with the idea after i realized how smooth the WebOS apps resize if even a big notification (like the USB Selection) opens up. Apps like Mail, the Browser or Messaging resize just fine.
    As im no coder i just created some fake screenshots to make clear what my idea is about. I Know this resize feature only works in portrait mode but it is imo much more usable as the current overlay keyboard.

    What do you think about this idea? is it possible at all?

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    Sounds BRILLANT!!!
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    The only thing I would change in the pictures would to make sure the bottom corners are rounded.

    Other than that great idea!
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    yeah... those are pretty bad mockups just took screencaptures with a big notification and copied the picture of the onscreen keyboard into them..
    Hope some webos pro looks into this in the future.
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    bad mock-up or not it still looks clean. This change would be a nice addition to the vkb patch.
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    I'm pretty sure people brought this up before and there was some problem with it.
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    That would be really cool. Would you be able to swipe away the keyboard to close or would you still need the double tap?

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