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    Hello ! Does somebody know if Duke3D will be "updated" for webOS 1.4.5 ?
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    I have been trying to get it to run, but it doesn't even seem to work anymore Do I need Upstart service or something?
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    I'm with you. It's not working for me in 1.4.5. METAVIEW! HELP!!
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    Hello everyone i sent MetaView a personal message and he will update the app when he has the time. Meanwhile you can play Duke3D on Web Os 1.4.5 using The Terminal Thanks! NuttyBunny for the commands ! Ok Flow the steps, Download Duke3D than run it, note it wont run because the bug in Web... 1.4.5. But it will create the Duke3D folder on The Pre. Now connect you Pre to a pc and copy the requested files to the folder Duke3D.Than open The Terminal, if you don't have it installed than install it. In the Terminal type in the flowing commands.

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    cd /media/internal/Duke3D
    nohup ./duke3d &

    You should be able to close the terminal card afterwards :P
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    thanks for the info, i hope it gets updated soon.
    what i also would love to see is a new scummvm version, the one available is quite outdated and buggy on 1.4.5 crashes very often.

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