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    I recently ported the CoreMark CPU benchmark to WebOS. The app is in the beta feed and is called WebOSMark.

    I know there are a number of overclockers here and would love to get some feedback from the community. It's just a benchmark, but it provides an identical environment across all devices that allows us to quantify and compare performance.

    The online analytics page is in more of a beta state than the app. I just got my first Palm Pre a few days ago and incorrectly assumed that the built-in web browser could handle canvas So at the moment the page can't be displayed on the device, silly I know. It is fairly difficult to present analytics in SDL/C so I'm open to recommendations on this end.

    On another note, this device has made my geek dreams come true, especially with the PDK. Loving my Pre and looking forward to making (hacking) many more apps.
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    Awesome great app got a 602 score with my OC'd pre with the Thunderchief clocked at 1.005Ghz
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    where is app?
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    Great App. Wish I still had my Pre around to take it to the limit.
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    Thanks so much for this.

    I am testing it right now.

    Original Sprint Pre
    Arthur Thornton

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    Thanks, nice app, hope you get the web page up soon...

    UK @ 1GHz
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    Just scored 601 with a Sprint Pre with F105.

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    552 with a Sprint Pre running UK at 1GHz.

    also, minimize the app while it's running and slide the card around. The "Benchmark in Progress" sticky note stays fixed while the card slides around it. It looks cool.
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    So the rest of you have a reference point:
    Original Sprint Pre with no overclocking register at 319.

    By the way, I LOVE the look of this app.
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    I would love to use this but "This application is not compatible with your current OS version. Please check for updates and try again."
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    640 Sprint Pre with SR71
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    I ran 10 in a row and here are my scores in order:

    UK 1GHz Palm Pre Bell Mobility
    for me
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    472 with uberkernel @ 800mhz
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    Ran 3 test wit f105 on Sprint Pre:

    1st (left phone alone): 594

    2nd (moved phone around): 560 (accelerometer taxing the CPU?)

    3rd (left phone alone): 598
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    605 Sprint Pre with F105 @ 1.005Ghz
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    just got a 655
    SR71 overclocked to 1.2gHz
    Sprint Pre
    EDIT: I just ran 5 more tests with the same kernel clock speed.

    EDIT: I just ran a few more tests and checked the leaderboard.. I put the 700's up..

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    Quote Originally Posted by iTz Nicholas72 View Post
    I would love to use this but "This application is not compatible with your current OS version. Please check for updates and try again."
    you haven't updated to 1.4.5 yet? What are you waiting for?
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    I've been waiting for an app like this. Just scored a 726 with SR71 installed

    I'm running default UK settings
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    Stock - 422
    Fixed 800mhz 409
    Screen State 500/800 - 399
    Back to stock - 458

    I'll have to try SR71.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjsharksfan View Post
    just got a 655
    with what kernel?
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