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    i tried to install Virtual Keyboard in many different ways (over the preware app, via quickinstall / file, vie quick install / feed) and on two patches (1.4 and 1.4.5) and until today i never ever seen it. If i doubletap the gesture area no effect occurs - sometimes the card "minimizes", but almost ever just nothing happens. I never get an error during installation, but it never runs in any way

    Any suggestions what i can try?

    My palm is an german palm pre plus from o2, first trys with virtual keyboard where with webOS 1.4.4, no patches, just preware installed via webos quick install. Currently im using webOS 1.4.5, heavily patched (uber kernle, 5*5 icons, hide quick start, and so on - i just can't stop patching, its just so much fun ), still german (and thats where i have another question about another topic - making my pre english would be great, but i'll ask this somewhere else after i searched the forums and used google).

    Any help would be great, having a physical keyboard is just great (that was one of my reasons for the pre), but i don't wanna be forced to use it
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    yup. I have the same problem... I'll download it, itll work the first few times then afterwards, I'll try to double tap and it never pops up anymore. I've tried a million times and it doesn't pop up, so I just uninstall it, pointless if it stops working...
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    I've tried Virtual Keyboard too. And it seems the VK is not working with all apps. I guess it just working with basic (or internal) apps, like memos, web browser, messages, calendar.

    Another easy way to invoke the keyboard is with this method (especially for pre plus), tap one of your finger on gesture area (left or right side), hold, then tap another finger on the other side of gesture area. So you wont accidentally minimizing the card.
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    Thanks wynet, that seemed to work for me. Wow! he they weren't kidding when they said it would take a few seconds to launch the keyboard. Too bad, because there are lots of situations where I just don't want to use the physical keyboard and want to tap out something quickly.

    I hope Palm rolls out something better in future versions of WebOS.

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