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    try here, under http status codes:
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    could it be lumberjack does not work under lunace 4.9.10 or do i have another problem.

    i'm getting no messages displayed at all in lumberjack on TouchPad (tried reinstall already)
    /var/log/messages is there and i even deleted it via lumberjack to have a clean one and it posts messages in there (checked with vi)

    Had no muffle log patch installed but just for the sake of it tryed install/uninstall of muffle patch.

    I use lumberjack regulary on phones and just got TouchPad (off eBay and did no doctor so far and Android partitions present) and feel like a noob here

    any advice or Info i should post? Could there be any other patch installed by old owner before deleting his profile that could prevent lumberjack from displaying any messages or even not showing applications installed in lumberjack?
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    Check what you have it set to show. You might have it on an app or custom, and it won't show system messages.
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    sorry false alarm, complete reboot did the also the apps are displayed.
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