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    I was about to jump into overclocking and try out the uberkernel last night, then I read the long warning. I'm wondering if someone can link me to a page that explains how to use the thing, a search kept bringing up different user settings rather than a full blown tutorial over the kernel. All help will be appreciated!
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    What bevcraw said is perhaps the best overview of UK. However, before you dive in I would also become familiar with Save/Restore ( and be comfortable with the potential of having to doctor your phone.

    Personally I have never had to doctor because of UK, and I don't think the vast majority have either, but it will pay to understand what doctoring is and how to do it before jumping into modifying your device in this manner.
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    Once you install the UberKernel, the way you control it and change frequencies is with an app called This thread will give you some ideas about it's use.
    Also to gain some insight on the principals behind the UberKernel, you can read this:
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    thanks guys!
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