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    For a number of reasons, I suprisingly found myself buying another Sprint Pre on eBay for my Dad (who's been on a Centro since last July). It appears to be in great shape.

    Anyway, I need to get this to him quickly, but if this one is more Chuck Norris-y than mine, I want to swap them and give him mine. I'd never set him up with anything crazier than UberKernel + Govnah 500/800, which I know works perfectly well on mine.

    So my question is, what is the best/fastest way for me to check which of these phones is The Real Chuck Norris and which is the one who's rear-end he kicks?
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    For the most part; a Chuck Pre can run SR71.
    If it cannot; you will know almost immediately have to visit the doctor and start from scratch.

    I thought I had a Chuck Pre; ran SR71 for about 5 minutes then went into perpetual boot. So I am 'stuck' with TChief @ 1005mhz and minimal VanDammage.

    As always, the usual warning and caveats found in the relevant oc threads apply. YMMV.
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    Nothing on the device, added Preware, Govnah, and SR71. Perpetual boot right off the bad. Definitely not a Chuck Norris.

    Pretty sure I was able to run SR71 on my Pre for at least a little while, so I guess I'll keep what I have.
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    I tried SR71 last night too. The Palm logo stayed on the screen and didn't even boot.

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