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    After the update I opened Preware to reinstall some patches. After a Luna restart my Preware disappeared. I went to WebOS quick install and it is not there either (i looked in webos internals feed-all and webos internals-pre).

    I also tried the stand alone installer which stated that was done successfully but again, no where to be found on my phone.

    One other side note, after the Luna restart, none of my applications were showing in my phone. I did a battery pull and then all the applications magically came back, however, the best and most important "app" is still missing.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    spectator52, After reading your post, I went to Preware to see if I could duplicate your experience. I did their update first. Then there was a total of 25 updates waiting for me so, I started doing the most important items one at a time. After a half dozen successful updates I did the remainder in one batch. I rebooted and have no problems.

    Perhaps your best solution is an uninstall / reinstall?
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    Yes! It finally showed up in Webos quick install! I am good to go.
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    this is happening with me also!

    its no where to be found when i search in WebOS Quick Install...

    does anyone know why?
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    bump? i needs help!
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoitsmikel View Post
    bump? i needs help!
    What feed are you looking in.
    Correct preware install instruction are at
    You could try the standalone installer.

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