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    please bear with me as I fumble through this portion
    running 105 1.4.1-99

    So if i go into govnah, then slecelt profiles and then advanced settings then cpu settings i see vdd1 sel

    these are the settings I can change I assume I see a set of 5 numbers starting with 69, 68,66,54,48

    I cn lower each of these and they represent 100 mhz drops?
    This is the post you are looking for:
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    For those of you using F105, im curious: How much of a battery life increase do you experience when you go from the default settings to the lowest possible voltage your phone can handle?
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    for my pre with f105 its 69@1005mhz and 29@500MHz...
    cant say much about experience yet
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    I just tried my battery-eating F105 with 60/30 based on this thread. Hopefully this helps my battery last more than 6hrs with minimal usage.
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