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    I am not sure what this means, and honestly I have had this happen since the first time I ever used PreWare. The initial run is the issue this time though, it's a new Pre, and a new install. When I try to run PreWare, that is where it gets stuck with the circle spinning. It seems to load everything else. It just won't finish, so I can't see anything. I have tried with good Wifi, Good EV, or any combination inbetween. I had my very first Pre a few months back and installed and it would do this when I didn't have a good connection. I have no patches at all installed.

    On that, is there a patch to force downloads at 1X, since I rarely see EV any more? Browser won't work, downloads won't work, email won't work, lol

    Thanks in advance.
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    The only thing I can think of it needs to access some data and since you have no signal it hangs while trying to connect. Either try wifi or on the top left corner (in preware while its starting) tap for preferences and turn off scan for unknown packages. Then install the roam only in device menu patch. Do the luna restart after the patch installs. Click on the top right (battery part) and enable roam only. Now try restarting preware with the check for unknown types option on.
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    If that doesn't work try removing and reinstalling Preware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vza33 View Post
    If that doesn't work try removing and reinstalling Preware.
    how do you uninstall it? I am running on an emulator...

    Update - Nevermind, found a work-around. I shut off the "scan unknown packages" option in the preware preferences.

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