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    Is there a way to translate the 'startTime' and 'duration' in the PalmDatabase.db3 file?? for instance, here is one of my entries:

    startTime: 1279595803393
    Duration: 2047525

    I dont know how to use scripts or anything, but can learn quickly, so bare that in mind.
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    That looks like information in millisecond format, so you can use this W3C page:

    Tryit Editor v1.4

    Change the line:
    var d=new Date();

    var d=new Date(1279595803393);

    and then run the script to see a date of "Mon Jul 19 2010 23:16:43 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)" (you'll probably see your time/date adjusted for your time zone)

    The Duration looks like it is in milliseconds, so that would be around 34 minutes - does that sound about right?
  3. #3 and PhoneLogExport are probably worth looking at:

    darcs - palmpre2rdf
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    I have also created a calculation that you can use to convert it..took a while to figure it out, but I got it done finally... This is currently set for US Eastern time:

    Note that this does NOT adjust for daylight savings, so half of the year's dates are off by an hour. Also, if you want to adjust for your timezone, you adjust that set number by 0.0416666666667 per hour.

    if anyone has any good ideas how to automatically adjust for daylight savings, i would be very interested to hear

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    SQLite has built-in functions to convert numbers to and from date strings. If you can write a SELECT statement, you can invoke the functions.

    Here's the reference page:

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