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    I've tried several times now. I followed the instructions on the WebOS-Internals page to the letter, but keep getting an error, when it tries to add the new feed.

    Is there something they do not cover on their page or a trick I am missing here?

    Have no trouble doing or accessing anything else. I am generally really good at this type of thing and NO! I am not afraid to doctor my phone, if needed.
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    For expert advice go here:

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    Looking it over now, thank you and very sorry for posting in the wrong forum!
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    No problem....that's why us mods are around. is a link to the testing feeds how to: Testing Feeds - WebOS Internals
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    Actually, that is the link I used, followed the instructions to the letter and I am still getting an error. Not sure what is going on. I was able to add the kernels feed, with no problem.

    Just the arm7 testing one, I am getting the error on.
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    I remember having problems with the names for the feeds. Try not using spaces, use dashes.
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    I did use dashes, exactly as they have on the page with the instructions, still getting the error.
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    What exactly is "the error"?

    This information would help greatly.
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    It's a huge error, maybe I can get a screenshot of it. I'll have to relaunch Preware, just a sec!
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    Now my laptop will not save the file, this is very annoying. I'll keep working on it.
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    Error, attempting to attach, again!
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    You have "arm7" instead of "armv7" in the testing url.

    is the correct url.
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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    Error, attempting to attach, again!
    I see Obviously you have type something wrong. Have you ever tried copy and paste on the phone.

    To copy a link/word/sentence, press and hold down pointing arrow(Pointing upwards) then tap link/word/sentence, then press and hold gesture area, and press C.

    To paste highlight text field, press and hold gesture area, and then press V.

    I learn that recently...
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    Thank you, so much, for spotting my typo! It was driving me crazy trying to figure it out.

    As to copy&paste on the phone, I suck at that. Can get my phone to do tons of wondrous things, but most of the time, I can't get my fingers to hit the correct keys!

    Thanks has been clicked, all the help is much appreciated!

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