Just a general concern that Palm seems to be a bit out of touch with their own situation. WebOS is very advanced, even for a reletively new mobile OS, yet Palm seems more fixed on minor bug fixes and 3D games than creating the necessary API's needed to allow devs to make or port better, more productive applications.

Can anybody who may be on the 'inside' let us know that it's not just a situation where they don't have their heads in the right place?

If it's simply that advanced 3D game development is a biproduct of their R&D for API development, then I can accept that, as it would show that Palm understands that simple apps like Shazam and Shopsavvy are what lures people into being interested with their product.

There just seems to be a glut of non-productive and helpful apps in the App Catalog, and Palm seems to be focusing on the wrong thing. Look at Android for example. You seriously don't think of hard core mobile gaming with their devices, but they still seem to push back at Apple.

I just want to know that development of API's are their first priority, so there can be a good reason to hold on to a phone that is limited in functionality, but sexy in execution.

I hate having the dumb blonde in the Palm of my hand, but everyone knows how low it's IQ is.