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    Quote Originally Posted by Xanadu73 View Post
    After a CLEAN shutdown, of course.

    There is no ability to shutdown when your phone freezes...????
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    SR71 installed fine on my VZW Pre Plus, but I've found that if I tax it a bit much (such as loading Preware feeds while watching a video, playing a game, or loading other heavy applications), it crashes. This isn't a loop of crashes by any means; there's no real pattern to it.
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    Can a moderator close this thread.
    Live free or DIE!
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    I have a weak (at the top end) Pre...right when it hits 1.2Ghz, the screen locks up and it fades to black...runs great at 1.05, but I'm not sure if there's any advantage using this over the F105. I saw that it was touched on briefly and was hoping that unix or maybe rod could comment on this officially.

    hopefully things calm down around here, because I'd hate to see all of this progress that's being made screech to a halt because of some very unappreciative/uninformed noobs.

    thanks for all you've done unix, some of us definitely appreciate it!
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    AT&T Pre Plus. Installed SR71, the Pre never made it off the boot screen. Had to doctor. Will try again and report. I've had uberkernel and f105 installed with no problems whatsoever.
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    In before close :P unixpsycho rules!
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    Quote Originally Posted by unixpsycho View Post
    Can a moderator close this thread.
    any reason why you want the thread closed?
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    Closed per OP's request
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