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    I downloaded the Bourne Again Shell v 3.2.49-3 along with the optware bootstrap and he Gnu Readline Library yesterday. The shell said that it was installed. But how do I access it? I am pretty much a newbie at this. Years ago I used this shell in college, so I thought it would be easier to use.

    Then I saw that the Pre might already have a shell program built in. So I am wondering whether I should just remove the BASH and try to find the native sh program.

    But How?

    Thanks for any help
    Hubert Hickey

    PS After installing these items, I plugged my Pre into the USB port and the screen froze and I was unable to choose USB or Charge. When I disconnected, everything was all right again. Could this have been caused by installing any of the above? HH
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    install Terminal (Application:Terminal - WebOS Internals) app on preware, or install openssh (Application:OpenSSH - WebOS Internals) and access via putty

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