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    Just curious...but is the WebOS Internals website currently down for everyone else as well?
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    Sorry, I'm stupid. Just ran into this website:

    It's not just you!
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    From the Preware thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    We have had severe hardware failures on the server which hosts * and * which will cost over USD$1K to fix.

    The package feeds are currently being served from a backup mirror server.

    This is all being done by volunteers using funds raised by donations alone.

    Please be patient, and follow @webosinternals on Twitter for updates.

    -- Rod

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    Ahhh, thanks! Figured they would have actually made a new post to give that bit of news, but good to know now either way.
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    We're back up for the moment, but we're not confident of the RAID card and will not be comfortable until we buy and install a new one ($550 worth).

    We normally use @webosinternals on twitter for time sensitive status updates (cause you can get them many different ways, including via an RSS feed).

    -- Rod
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