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    I am the owner of a heavily patched Pre. However, I have attempted to remove all my patches by doing the following and have been unsuccessful - all of my patches remain in place (although no software seems to see them): remove each one individually through Preware (Preware says I have no patches installed now), run Preware Emergency Patch Recovery (ran fine - patches still there), run Jason's WebOS Repair Utility (found no discrepancies). After each of these steps I have done a full shutdown, battery pull and reboot.

    I do not understand how these patches can still be in place and none of the software sees them. Any help? My Pre is no longer activated with Sprint so I cannot just Doctor it or I won't be able to activate it again. I know the Meta Doctor is an option, but it look very complicated. I'm figuring that there MUST be a way to remove these patches without all that.
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    why can't you activate it again?

    if you have to do that, meta-doctor is your friend.
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    all you do is go into your phone and find the patches you have installed and just hit the install button , it will install and show it installed as well . it's a pretty easy fix.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I guess I wasn't very clear in my initial post. I have upgraded to a new phone but I still love some of the features of my Pre and would like to continue using it over Wifi - Palm profile, OTA updates and all. If I went with the Palm tool I would be denied all of that. My Pre works ok right now, but it's a little unstable and I'd like to REMOVE all the patches and wait for the 1.4.5 OTA. The problem I'm having is that I can't seem to remove the patches. All of the software tools SAY that the patches are removed, but they're not, they're still installed (4x4 icons, battery as percent etc.) I don't understand how the WebOS Repair Utility can verify the files against the WebOS Doctor, say they match and yet the patches still run?
    Is there a way to run the WebOS MetaDoctor without a Linux machine? I have access to both Windows and Mac, but no Linux.

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