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    This will probably sound crazy but I need to know why it can't be done(if thats the case). I want to know if there is a way to repackage the wifi card drivers to enable monitor mode. With chroot you can get aircrack suite (who needs bulky laptop when you can hide a smart phone in your pocket is the idea) but can't sniff packets as card does not support monitor mode (I know im not the only one who tried it... or maybe I am). I saw that the card is wrapped to the gps but I dont care to lose gps while sniffing even if it means manually loading/unloading drivers /rebooting everytime. The only thing that comes up on google searches is a bunch of iphone fans trying to do the same. But they have a crippled os so I think this is different. I can try different things but I think at the end it will just be a waste of time when I find out why it wont work. Can someone with a bit more knowledge share why this might or might not work? Also is anyone working on this because I know someone who will be willing to try such a thing if testers were to be needed.

    WebOS internals wiki on the wifi card
    More info on card.
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    Not sure if the Wifi card that in the Pre supports monitor mode or injection but i'm able to do this same setup on my Motorola Droid since the wifi adapter is very standard, was able to rebuild the drivers with the support using code from the mainline branches.

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