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    Hi, I installed the keyboss 0.3.1 and it works great except for the power consumption. I watched it by Govnah and it was around 100 mA when sleep. So ideally, the battery life should be 1150 mAh/100mA = 11.5 hours.

    When I uninstall the keyboss, the power loss is about 20mA when sleep.

    Hope you can fix it soon good luck
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    I finally switched from my 755p to a Palm Pixi and looking for a "keycaps" type program was one of the first things I did...

    So just wanted to give some words of encouragement and also to offer any help...
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    Has there been any further development on this? I am dying for a stable keycaps replacement for my Pre2! Thanks.
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    Bump. I promised myself that I'd never go back to a smartphone w/ a hardware keyboard if there wasn't a Keycaps-type utility for it.

    I need one for my Veer!
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