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    Hey guys, I've done a lot of reading and can't figure this out... I've got govnah with uber-kernal for pre. Just wondering what settings I would want to use for the fastest and most satisfying performance. Battery life isn't crucial, but definitely nice.

    I'm somewhat confused by the profile, and then the advanced settings... if anyone could let me know what they recommend, or even take a screenshot i would really appreciate it! Thanks
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    Each phone is different and settings that are great for one Pre don't always deliver the same performance on another. YMMV.

    I use the screenstate governor set to 250MIN 800MAX with Compcache set to TRUE and 32MB. Works well for me.

    The Govnah does come with some 'stock' profiles such as FixedSpeed720 etc.

    As I said, YMMV.

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