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    Set both the minimum and maximum frequencies in govnah to 600? Will this eat up the battery quicker? I see both yes and no answers around here. I don't want to burn my phone out but i do want it as quick as possible, without sacraficing my hardware too much. I also have the minimum logging setup, as well as having the compcache true & set at 24mb. Is this a good setting for my phone as far as speed/battery or should i change something? I'd like to have more speed than battery savings but if it's going to make my phone die in half of a day i don't know how much of a sacrafice i'm willing to make. BTW, my governor is on performance. As of right now it's set at 122.88 and 600.00 but if 600.00 and 600.00 is safe and have benefits, i may choose that. Hmmm, this got moved... but i still don't understand the minimum and maximum frequencies and how they pertain to my phone usage. Is maximum the only one i should be concerned with? What effect does mimimum have on my phone?
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