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    I was wondering if anyone else had this problem with a kernel. PDK Apps wouldn't load. Mojo apps would but not PDK. Sprint Pre.


    Many moons ago:
    -Stock Kernel. Many Apps and Patches.
    -Installed back when it first became available. WebOS 1.4. Kernel works great.
    -OTA Update to WebOS still works.

    Earlier this week:
    -Decide to try Uber Kernel. sh uninstall
    -Learn this is bad if I did OTA update
    -Full Erase phone
    -WebOS Doctor phone to
    -Install all my patches and apps again.
    -Install Uber Kernel and Govnah. CPU scaling works fine, but TMC error is rampant.

    -Uninstall Uber Kernal via Preware.
    -Install f104 via WebOSQI.
    -Read thread about f104a and warthog
    -Uninstall f104 via Preware
    -Add Kernels testing feed
    -Install Warthog via Preware, CPU scaling works fine
    -PDK APPS WILL NOT LOAD! None of them. Mojo apps work fine. Facebook, Phone, Messaging, GPS Dashboard Free, Photos, and everything else run fine. None of my PDK apps load. Tapping the icon on the launcher shows the ripple, but no new card loads and the launcher stays in place!
    -Reboot phone, PDK apps still don't work at all.
    -Uninstall Warthog via preware. Apps work again.
    -Install f104a via Preware. CPU scaling works fine, TMC appears to be a thing of the past. All apps still working.

    And even though I didn't say it, I let the phone reboot after all un/installs of any kernel.

    Is uninstalling and reinstalling kernels using those methods fine? Is anyone else aware of this issue, I should reinstall warthog again and see what happens.
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