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    First, thanks for helping a total Preware newbie! I also apologize if this has been addressed somewhere in this forum - there is a ton of information here and I've been searching for this information without success.

    I'm just trying to get Preware set up - I've followed the steps in the Wiki - I've gone into Developer Mode, set up WebOS Quick Install and all of that. On current Java, WebOS version Install Preware thru WebOS Quick Install, I get
    ERROR: An error occured while attempting to run /tmp/

    No packages removed.
    Nothing to be done
    stop: (00202/840737304) Unknown job: os.webosinternals.ipkgservice
    org.webosinternals.ipkgservice: no process killed
    install: cannot stat '/media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/org.webosinternals.preware/bin/org.webosinternals.ipkgservice':No such file or directory
    cp: cannot stat '/media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/org.webosinternals.preware/dbus/org.webosinternals.ipkgservice.service':No such file or directory
    cp: cannot stat '/media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/org.webosinternals.preware/upstart/org.webosinternals.ipkgservice':No such file or directory
    start: (00202/840737304) Unknown job: os.webosinternals.ipkgservice

    I click OK on the popup, go to my Pre and the Preware icon is in the launcher. I tap the Preware icon, get the Welcome to Preware page, choose OK, I've read this....

    then I get a response... "The service is not running. First try restarting Preware, or reboot your phone and try again."

    I have restarted Preware, rebooted the phone, uninstalled Preware, reinstalled Preware - all several times with the same results.

    What am I doing wrong???

    Thanks again! I'm determined to get this up and running!!
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    It was a bad WeOSQuickInstall install. Reinstalled and everything looks good now...I'm using Preware!

    Thanks for the positive thoughts - I'm sure that's what did it!
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    Glad you got it worked out.
    Enjoy Preware!
    "Patience, use the force, think." Obi-Wan

    Ready to try Preware? Get this first: Preware Homebrew Documentation
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    I had the same problem.


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