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    So Oil and I are getting close to releasing a major update to wIRC. We have taken care essentially all of the old bugs, added new features. Please go to this link: {6} All Tickets By Milestone (Including closed) – wIRC and checkout all of the present features requests and bug reports (please note the already closed tickets). If you see its missing a bug let me or oil know. If there is a feature you want added let us know. Im not promising anything for the next release but I want to know what else people are interested in. Soon our Trac will allow people to register accounts so for now you have to tell us and we will make tickets. Soon enough you all can make accounts and file your own tickets.
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    There is a bot on a channel I join that apparently sends weather info with color codes that I can not see on wIRC. I did not notice a ticket to add support for color coding in messages, so that might be something to put on the list.
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    In regard to the connection issues, maybe you could have an 'advanced' tab with some options that folks can use to tweak up their connection behavior - optional auto-reconnect, how long before a ping times out... I don't know much about it, but my bias would be making it so that people can make the phone vigiliant about lost connections (with potential battery cost) or make it careless about lost connections.

    In regard to the ping feature - maybe a button right up on the card for the channel, and maybe after you press it, it updates text to "waiting ... 5" where the number is seconds elapsed without a pong.

    When a pong comes back, it says "Success".

    When a ping times out, it says "Failed."

    The user can press it again to 'reset' it after a 'success', 'failed', or while it is counting, and it returns to a 'ping' button.

    A return of 'Success' or 'Failed' should automatically revert to a ping button after 10? 30? seconds so users don't thing it is a constant status indicator rather than an intermittent status indicator.
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    Instead of adding features allowing the user to keep up on the connection, its better to make it not an issue the user needs to worry about.

    But we did create a ticket to support mIRC colors.
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    any news on irssi-proxy support? there is a ticket for it and it's still open.
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    I know puffy has been working on getting the bip irc proxy to work (cause it's what rwhitby uses.)

    Maybe after that he will tackle the irssi proxy support.

    The fact there is a ticket for it, means it will most likely get implemented eventually.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oil View Post
    I know puffy has been working on getting the bip irc proxy to work (cause it's what rwhitby uses.)

    Maybe after that he will tackle the irssi proxy support.
    Hurrah! That is great news. I am also interested in irssi-proxy support -- the Pixi does great with @ mapped to esc in screen and the incredible Terminal app, but wIRC would be even better -- but I wouldn't mind running bip just for my webOS phone.
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    Do you (oil and puffthemagic) have any sense for the release time frame? Like, days, a couple weeks, or a month or so?

    Thanks again.
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    After 1.4.5 is released.
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    So something I realized reading about the ipod4 antenna thing is that my connection problem with IRC is probably partly because when I type, I cover the phones antenna with my hands and kill the (one bar) signal just as I want to use it.
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    looking through the traq and I can't think of anything that isn't already there... I do want to say though that the mockup of the redesigned main scene is sexy and I want it! lol.
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    haha, yeah, I actually made that mockup before the initial v0.0.3 public release xD
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    I really can't think of anything that's not already listed as a ticket - thanks for all the hard work
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    I'd love some better color support. I am in a few chans that have irc bot games like Uno and it fails miserably with wIRC.
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    The next release already has color parsing for incoming messages. (We still haven't worked out how/if we're going to send colors.)

    If you give me a server/channel, ill join with my dev pre and we can see if your uno game works in the new version
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    I also popped down the topic to show it has the colors as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by oil View Post

    I also popped down the topic to show it has the colors as well
    That is awesome!! thanks much, I can't wait... looking wonderful!
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    Well since I'm dropping screenshots, why stop there

    Because I know people like to see screenshots
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    You know an app of this quality deserves to be in the App Catalog! Just saying...
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    Maybe some better commands.
    If I remember correctly I had problems awhile back with a channel I used, and some commands would not work at all.
    I use xchat currently on the computer.
    And I would like it to be similar to that if possible at all.

    But kudos to you and your team, thank you for updating this app.
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