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    the themes are not showing up so I can see what they look like on my pixi.just wondering if something is wrong with preware,and if anyone else is having the same problem? Please HELP.M.J.F.
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    Have you activated the theme feeds? Go into preware, drop down menu in top left. Preferneces, turn on theme feeds. Then drop down menu again, this time go to manage feeds, turn on prethemer and the other theme feed. Then update feeds and themes should show.
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    all it shows is calc & the grey lines before there popping up. But the themes never pop up.
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    calc & grey lines, what do you mean? Never come across this.
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    calc pops up. On each side of calc there are thin grey boxes where the themes should be,but no themes.
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    You mean the image text boxes? Have you tried restarting preware? Aee using 3g or wifi?
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    3g & yes to the preware started after the new update.
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    I think I had the problem before but mine seemed to go after a restart, can't remember if it was preware restart or phone restart. I haven't had the problem for a long time now so not sure what else to do or what's really causing it.
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    hhhhhhhhmmmmmmm well I'll keep tryin. Maybe has to do with the weekend.thanks a bunch.your awesome 4 tryin.

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