Hey guys,

yesterday I read an article on bootchart (bootchart.org) and how to use it to speed up the linux boot process in conjunction with upstart rather than sysv init. Ububtu has done that a year ago and got significant improvements.
I think this had been noted in the webos internals wiki, too, but the bootchart tool is new to me. I find it pretty interesting, as it should be possible to install it to the pre and put the chart on /media after every boot.
Somewhere I read webos is already using upstart is that correct?
Out of curiosity, I would be very interested to see, what's going on during boot. I would try to do this myself, but I guess I'm to scared to just start hacking into the innards of an actual device and my PC is to weak to run the emulator.
Anyone interested to do the dirty work for me? *g*