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    I was wondering if Govnah is necessary in order to use Uber-Kernel overclocking? I remember when the first "patch" came out and I was just running 800mhz all the time and life was grand. Now, I find myself having to manage Govnah about once a day. Is there a way to just have Uber-Kernel installed and have it running at 800mhz all the time without using Govnah?
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    For uber-kernel you need cpuscaler or govnah.
    But you can install different kernels that you don't need the governors. Some of these are currently unsupported in the future such as SPK.
    Others are supported but I am not to fond of these.
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    i have uber-kernal and have a shell script in event.d that starts up and overclock my cpu to 800mhz on boot so i really have no need for govnah..
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    I believe, to the best of my knowledge, that sure, you can run UberKernal without Govnah (or other scaler app/control scrpt, etc.), but you will not see any benefit.

    Popping Govnah open and switching the profile after restarting really is no big deal for me.
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    One of the great benefits to Govnah besides the scaling and govenor options it gives, is that it monitors the temperature of your CPU.
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