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    Guy's, it's the IPKG manager that is the problem. You have to get the original source (most current) of IPKG manager from the WebOSinternals wiki page or Jason's WebOS Quick Install.

    WebOS Quick Install v2.96

    Download Here

    You might as well get the latest release of Preware[/COLOR] ( Index of WebOSinternals/) from there as well.
    Hi flyin2low,

    I have always been able to fix issues with patches just by using the latest WOSQI. But now it does not work. I have the 2.96 and I cannot find the Package Manager. Is it still required? I can find Preware, but before it did not work without first installing Package Mgr., rebooting and installing PreWare.

    Without PackageMgr will I still be able to install patches and using PreWare as usual?

    Thanks for your support.


    Morten E.
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    don't know what to say here but i started also getting an error when starting preware so i gave up. then, about an hour later, i fired it up and it worked fine! i guess it could just simply have been that the feeds were down?
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    The Package Manager service is no longer needed for Preware (since v 1.0). You can read up on all the newest info here:

    BTW... welcome to the P|C forums!
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    I was losing my mind. I sure wish there was a way that Palm saved our patches and themes and not just our contacts and software. My stupid refurbed Pre went dead in less than a month and here I am again. Thank you guys!
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