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    Someone help..i put a theme on my pixi with ipk file and i cant figure out how to remove it to add another and also on my pixi in the preware menu there is no themes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GodShapedHole View Post
    ... A lot of legacy PalmOS .... want their phone to be as clunky as what they're used to.
    Couldn't let that one go. What they actually miss, is useful omitted features that were present on their previous 10 year old Palm phones. But that point has been done to death, so I'll say no more.
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    Hey guys, i can't get preware on my Verizon wireless palm pixi plus. I enable developer mode by typing webos20090606 and then restart the phone. Then, i plug it in and run webosquickinstall. Nothing appears. i wait and still nothing. I click the blue arrow and it says to connect the phone. how do i do it?
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    Do these steps in this order, im thinking its just probably the novacomd
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    Plug your phone in, go to this folder '' C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc '' on your pc, double click the file named novacom.exe then open quick install and it should work
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    there is no palm in there. what do i need to download?
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    did you download novacomd after downloading WEB OS QI? and does your computer recognize the pixi when you connect? if it does you have to tap on "Just Charge"
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    novacomd should have been downloaded automatically when you clicked on WEBOS QI
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    Please help me out, keep getting this error every time I try and start up preware. Nothing works since I get this:

    unable to run command:/bin/mkdir -p/media/cryptofs/apps/usr/lib/ipkg/cache 2>&1
    mkdir:cannot create directory'/media/cryptofs/apps/usr/lib/ipkg/cache':read-only file system
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    i got it guys. Thanks. Novacomd didn't download, so i had to go into webosquickinstall and reload it.
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    I might not have an answer to that error directly, but have you tried a full shutdown/restart of your phone? or uninstalling preware and reinstalling it?
    That would be my first steps if I had that error. =D Hope that helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by navinag View Post
    Definitely worth using....Just make sure you reboot your phone regardless of what preware tells you... There seem to be some related stability issues....
    It turns out that these stability issues are a bug in webOS 1.4.x - see for the details (the problem has been confirmed by Palm).

    Preware 1.0.3 (in alpha testing now) has a new preference option (which defaults to "Yes") to enable an alternate installation mechanism which avoids triggering the webOS bug.

    -- Rod
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    Quote Originally Posted by pip smith View Post
    And just to clarify, when mhunterjr said about installing kernels. Please ignore this as the kernels are not designed for the pixi. You should attempt to install any overclocking kernel on a pixi because it will brick your device.
    Installing a kernel package from Preware on a Pixi will NOT brick your device.

    Best case, the kernel will simply do nothing. Worst case, you'll need to visit the webOS Doctor. It will not and cannot brick your device (where "brick" is a term used to describe a device which cannot be recovered without using hardware repair techniques).

    The advice that you shouldn't do it of course still stands.

    BTW, I recommend you use Preware, but I'm slightly biased

    -- Rod
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    I resisted doing anything but "stock" for a LONG LONG time. I am no techie and was afraid I'd get into it and not "get it" and mess up badly. I continued to read on this site and noted that there was a TREMENDOUS support group willing to patiently help people through issues.

    So, I decided to go far it.

    WOW! The instructions are so complete and step by step that its amazing. The steps are very automated (in the sense that I was not 'writing code', etc.) I found the entire process easy and quick.

    The patches and homebrew apps, etc are fantastic. Preware (and webosqi) have turned my excellent phone into a GREAT phone. I am completely happy that I installed Preware and appreciate the community that made it possible and that supports "us" so well.

    Preware (and webosqi) are not only worth using. They are amazing and will bring a world of improvements to an excellent system / phone.
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    with Preware, ive been able to overclock my phone to 800mhz, (use at own risk) but i never had a problem with the over clocking. Ive been able to setup a percentage next to my battery to know exactley how much battery life i have.
    Ive been able to add download videos from youtube directly. Preware is full of very useful patches n applications. did u know theres a patch to stream n download videos off the inet that are not based on flash.

    There are a number of diffrent things u can do to make the phone Yours!

    There is also a file managing application if ur intrested, which i have found useful as well.

    Palm had left the Pre n Pixi phones open for developers, and now that they have ok homebrew support, im sure there going to be very little problem with using Preware.

    THE CODE to put ur phone in Developer Mode IS
    up up down down left right left right b a start, select on, n ur phone will reboot. Than u may plug into the usb n use webos quick install, ull have to down load that seprately.

    i hope ive been able to be of help
    Last edited by pre tooley; 05/19/2010 at 11:15 AM. Reason: do NOT over clock on the pixi
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    Recently, there was a Luna update that included a Package Management update (tied in to it). My phone would get stuck attempting to downlaod the Package Management file. I tried removing/deleting Preware and Luna.

    When I went in to WebOSQuickInstall, however, I could not find Preware nor Package Management under the WebOS-Internals Feed (all).

    How do I get Preware back on to my Pre?
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    webOS-Internals Feed (Pre)....NOT (All)
  18. #478 used to be under (all).

    THANK YOU!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by qbngator View Post used to be under (all).

    THANK YOU!!!
    Yeah...I just learned of the change YESTERDAY!

    Glad to help.
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    It would be extra awesome in widescreen if it is at all possible.
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