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    I went through all the steps exactly and for some reason when i click yes to download webDoctor, nothing happens
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    you have the correct java edition right... if so try rebooting your computer and see if that helps
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    I no longer have a computer and I want to install preware but I don't know how to do that without a computer. If anyone know how to install some other way please let me know.
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    Go to a friends house and ask nicely.
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    EDIT: Not much use to the OP as it also requires a computer. I had the mistaken impression from the 'stand alone' description that it was done on the Pre.

    If you are comfortable with linux there is another option.

    Application:Preware - WebOS Internals
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    If you are comfortable with linux there is another option.

    Application:Preware - WebOS Internals
    I wished I had seen that yesterday! Getting novacom to find my phone in Ubuntu took a little bit of effort. I would have rather done it right from the phone. Quick question though. How do you get to a terminal in the phone?
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    if I could goto a friend I would have. And tha linux link still requries a computer.
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    ya...the only to get preware on the phone is thru a computer...after that you're fine, but you will need a comp to get it on... sorry man.
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    Check your Device Manager to make sure "Novacom" is installed correctly, If you have a yellow "!" then go to file>> options>> attempt Novacom (re)installation in WOSQI.
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    I will make a condensed version of the instructions-
    Go to Pre and enable DevMode by typing "webos20090606" and selecting the app icon that you see when you type it, reboot your Pre when it asks you to.

    Go here to download WebOS Quick Install-
    When you have that installed, make sure you have the latest version of Java installed - Java Downloads for All Operating Systems - Sun Microsystems

    Double click WebOS Quick Install .JAR and download the proper version of WebOS Doctor TO THE SAME LOCATION AS WEBOS QUICK INSTALL.

    Open up WebOS Quick Install and click the big blue arrow. (Pre must be connected to PC and in "Just Charge" mode at this point) Make sure you have an internet connection.

    On the drop down menu, go to webOSInternals-Pre (or something similar)

    Put a check by Package Manager Service and Preware and click Download and Install.

    After a successful install, Preware should be in your launcher, if its not do a reboot.

    Let me know if this helped at all or if someone notices that I missed something, let me know.

    Edit- Here is some more info on Preware-
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    Also, make sure there isn't an OS upgrade available. When I had to replace my first Pre, the second one wouldn't take Preware. When I checked for upgrades the latest OS wasn't on it, and once I installed it Preware went on no problem...
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    the WebOS Quick Install is downloading fine. but when i click yes to download Webos doctor i keep getting an error message saying " Unable to load Webos Doctor URL information. what does that mean?
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    If size matters.....and we all know it will love the pixi
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuzukiGS750EZ View Post
    I think i've figured out what i want to install and it's going to be preware. But i wonder if it's worth putting on. Can it/does it mess up the phone if you install something wrong? Is the phone worth using unhacked? I don't want to be out, download something and have my phone unusable or something, that would drive me crazy. How is the OS as it is stock? Is preware just for customizing looks or does it have camera add ons and other features to make the phone more usable?
    Definitely YES!!! Once you get past the initial installation of Preware (WebOS Quick Install and dev mode) it is all a breeze from there.

    I used my Pre for a month without any patches or Preware apps. That was a good experience. Now 9 months of patches and Preware apps later... I refuse to use my Pre without Preware and my pet patches and apps--as the experience has gone from good to phenomenal! Preware and patching basically double available software for your phone. Some of the "doubling" is so basic to the phone's functionality that you can't live without it once you get your feet wet.

    Good luck.

    Oh, and with or without Preware... my Pre has had absolutely no difference in stability. The only thing I've never tried is using themes. I've heard theme-ing can cause issues.
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    Absototallutely,it's one of the first apps and still the best
    Pre|central Peacekeepers
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    Most definitely the greatest reason to own the Pre.
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    If you read some older threads on preware, they complain of it being slow. Just make sure you updated to the newest version of Preware? It is much faster now! And if you don't theme, disable the theme feeds. If you use Palm App Catalog for updates to official apps or to buy official apps, then disable that feed too (you can leave palm app catalog update feed on and still see if updates). Now try, preware loads in under a minute now with those modifications.

    Preware works on Pixi too, and it won't let you download things for pixi that won't work (or at least most of the time it won't)
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    Absolutely worth doing, and it is as simple as it seems. A couple of my favorite patches are the 4x4 icons, adding the battery percentage, and the call block/rejector patches. Enjoy.
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    All I can say is Wow.

    The Homebrew apps are great. The Music Player Remix makes the Pre a viable ipod. Luna Manager, Battery Saver, etc.

    But really for me it is the patches. Here are some popular ones:

    Patches let me make my pre work like I want it to work.

    Also consider the themes. Check out my avatar for my theme; iPhone-Black-Launcher. I added color coded WiFi, Phone, and BLuetooth signal levels.

    The Getting Started with Homebrew shows how simple it is to do:

    Once you try it you will never look back. Literally in the past year about 200,000 people tried Homebrew with rave results. I can think of maybe 10 who said that they went back.

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