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    Didn't know about the free/paid apps selectioning.
    Sweet, now I don't have to wait for brighthouse labs apps to load.
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    ok i see the Preware in the list.. now when i safely remove the pixi from the computer is it suppose to reboot automatically or do i have to reboot it ?
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    reboot it.
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    Don't know if you are already aware of it, but user "MortiseMaker" posted a few excellent PDFs documenting WebOS QI on THIS PAGE. Recommend snagging a copy of each one for future reference.

    It might be a good idea to at least follow the first part of the one on "Getting Started" and install the Tweak for "Add/delete Launcher pages" - that will serve two purposes. One to verify proper communication with your pixi and Two you will want to be able to add at least one launcher page within 24 hours of getting Preware running.

    Hope this helps.

    (And yes - reboot it).
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    Hold orange+sym+r on the keyboard and it will reboot. Let us know if preware is now on your pixi.
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    would the update have anything to do with this issue? since i didnt do it.. should i do it ? just wondering..
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    Here's what happened.

    I recently replaced my pre due to a crack by the USB port. I had preware installed on my old phone. I restored my profile on my new phone, all applications restored. I went to WebOS quick install and tried to re-install preware (because that didn't automatically install when I restored my profile) however, I couldn't find Preware ANYWHERE in WebOS Quick Install - specifically WebOS-Internal Feeds (all).

    Where did it go? Does WebOS quickinstall think that I already have Preware installed on my phone? How do I restore it? Please help!

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    What version of webOS are you running? If you have not updated your version yet then yes you should. Remove the preware package from the phone first though just for safety.
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    well im running the version that came out the box.. i just got the pixi today lol :-)
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    hit the blue arrow and then go to webosinternals(pre) its in there!

    No need for package manager service any more.
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    Follow the link below.

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    Ok, then you should update first. Remove the preware app from the phone through webosqi, then go to the updates app and update your firmware. This should take about 20mins to update. After the update you will be able to put preware back on and will be able to use it.

    note that you don't have to remove preware once you have updated and have it installed correctly.
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    Yeah..I went back to webosinterals(pre) and found it
    sorry for the wasted post...
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    SUCCESS!!! you are the friggin' man pip lol.. hey you have any idea when they gonna have the vba working on the pixi ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ground Beef View Post
    Yeah..I went back to webosinterals(pre) and found it
    sorry for the wasted post...
    You might consider putting [Solved] in the title of your thread then.
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    worth it, love it, won't go back to living without it.
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    For a handy lists of available patches with descriptions, go here: dBsooner's webOS-Patches Web Portal
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    Quote Originally Posted by bennish View Post

    and keep dev mode OFF. do these two things you'll have a nice stable pre.

    to be honest, a lot of things from preware require a restart anyway. just make sure it's a full, not luna.
    You've well and trully got over your Prewarephobia, I am pleased to see.
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    Once you've tried it, you'll never be able to go back.
    Why does this site declare "Pre" not to be a word? Please explain.
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    Preware pulls application feeds from all available sources, including Palm's app catalog, so I don't really use the regular app catalog anymore. It's great for checking for new apps because you get to see them all in one place.

    The best thing about Preware is the patches IMO. The things you can do to tweak webOS to your liking is amazing.
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