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    So i installed Preware and I am able to download and install everything except themes. When ever I try this screen pops up.

    Does anyone know what I missed? I installed using webos quick install.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Can't see the picture of the error
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    Yeah I'm trying to fix that now.
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    Just install the themes from preware not QI
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    Oh wow ok. Thanks for the help!
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    Just so you know you don't have to post thanks when someone helps you there's the thanks button for that
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    I downloaded one and It worked just to test and it. I uninstalled that theme and did a Luna restart. Tried to install another and it gave me an error: check IPKG log.
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    That's odd are you sure the theme fully uninstalled?
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    It is no longer under "installed packages" so I'm pretty sure. Is there another place to look?
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    Usually when it is removed from the installed packages it's gone but just to be sure try a full restart
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    Still getting an IPKG error. It seems like I can download under the "Themes" subfolder but none of the others.
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    That is a very strange issue to me that I've never read about on these forums

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