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    Installed the Uber-Kernel this morning. All went well and everything was stable. Installed Govnah and set my frequencies from 250MHz to 800MHz. After about a minute I lose my EVDO connection, but signal strength is fine.

    I played around with the frequencies some more and if I set my min frequency to 500MHz, I have no problems. I've heard of users having issues at 125MHz, but not at 250MHz. Any ideas?
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    I have had issues at 250 on 2 Pres myself. On my 2, I had lock ups & possibly your EVDO issue.
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    Why are you creating a new thread? This should be posted here:
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    this happened to me, and i happened to change my battery which solved the evdo issue completely. i dont know why, i'm no genius. it just worked. haha

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