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    After hours going through search engine results on that matter, I basically came up with nothing. I need JSP web hosting for one of my WebOS projects (or at least it would save me quite some time if I had it) but since it's supposed to be a free app once released, I don't really wanna pay (much) for it.

    Anyone any suggestions?

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    Does it have to be JSP? PHP and ASP are a lot more common and you can get hosting dirt cheap.
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    A word of advice... you get what you pay for. Extremely cheap hosts are not going to be as reliable or quick to respond to an issue. My host is alright -- downtime is pretty infrequent, but they leave room for improvement. I use It's a linux shared host, and is about $10 per month. My main issue is not being notified when there is a problem -- I have to find out on my own or when one of my users reports it to me. I've said I was going to set up monitoring forever, but I haven't done it, because it's not critical for me. Cheap hosting (under $10 or 15 a month) is shared hosting, which means you are at the mercy of every other website hosted on that server. I'm thinking of setting one up on just to see if it is better or worse.
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    Maybe Google App Engine would work for you?
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    I own a webhostiing company let me know what you need
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