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    If anyone can help me on this matter. My phone, after the video update, I have not been able to launch preware. My phone went back to the way it was when I bought it. If anyone can help me please, I would appreciate it
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    Quote Originally Posted by newt45 View Post
    I am using Windows Vista.

    Thanks for the help, I searched the forums and can't seem to find something that will work.
    I am going to private message you with a forum link that may help.
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    I have a pre but know absolutely nothing about the pixi. I don't even know if it is compatible with preware or themes or anything. I've done a little searching. My wife is getting a pixi plus and I'm just wanting to know if there are themes, preware, and all etc, as what the pre is able to do. I know it doesn't play 3d games and all but other than that what are the limitations of homebrew and such things.
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    The pixi will work with preware and QI and all patches with the exception of the overclocking ones made specifically for the pre's processor
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    The pixi will work with preware and QI and all patches with the exception of the overclocking ones made specifically for the pre's processor
    hey thanks, your definitely a familiar name I see you posting all over the place. One thing my wife really wants to know is can she theme up. Are there pixi themes. It seems like rez and things are different. Thanks again and as soon as I get to a comp I'll hit the thanks button for you.
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    Yes all the pre themes will work on the pixi, they scale automatically to the pixi screen size.
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    Service Method Exception: java.lang.NUllPointerException undefined"

    Just reformated my pixi and went to instal preware, luna, and i get this error

    please help i need my patches!
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    I just installed Preware V. 0.935, but when I run it it takes a good 30 or so seconds to load. I do NOT have it set to update all of the feeds at start up.

    Is this normal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butters3605 View Post
    Thanks for Spamming the Forums, to increase your post count. It really encourages everyone to help you.

    You have been reported for Spamming.
    As have you.
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    did you remove palm apps and themes,if so it should run a lot faster..
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    Not sure what you mean about Palm Apps?
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    IN the feed it should give you an option of on/off of the feeds to load,look for the one that say anything about palm and turn them to off.
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    I'm going to give this a try - I gave up a long time ago and live with fewer and fewer patches with each update.
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    Under the Startup Category, I have UPDATE FEEDS set to Manually Only. Still takes forever to open.

    While it's loading it says:
    Loading Package Information and underneath it says, Palm web then Prethemer, then webos-patches,etc. etc.etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NathanS View Post
    As have you.
    Check your Facts... Click on my name and go to "find more posts..." I have never spammed the forums.

    Nice try though.

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    Thanks... now its more comfortable...
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    your crying over 30 seconds?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordan23945bulls View Post
    your crying over 30 seconds?
    Not sure I'd classify it as "crying"... just think 30 seconds is a long time to load a program.
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    thx for the info
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    hi guys, i hope i'm right here.

    For the begin: Sorry for my english. I'm not a nativespeaker and i'm not the best.

    I have here some suggestions for Preware. The missing things (my idears) aren't necessary, but it would make Preware more userfrendly.

    1. A Download List:

    Because, if i look in Preware and think about apps like this: "oh jeah, this is nice and this too. hm.. maby this is also ok...", i often forget some applications and have to search it again. So my suggestions is a download list.

    I think you could create checkboxes behind the applicationnam and if you press "Installation" so Preware is installing all marked apps/patches/theme/or elsewere.

    I've made a picture that you can imagine it:

    (please remove a "t" by htttp!!!)

    2. Download status

    So, i havent everywere a WLAN connetion, somtimes it takes a little bit longer to install homebrew-apps. And somtime i don't want waiting to have it. So could you create a download status while downloading? like the offical appcatalog? That i know how long the download it takes?

    here are a picture again:

    (please remove a "t" by htttp!!!)

    3. Go back while downloading

    Would that be possible? Like in the appcatalog? i think that is very comfortable. To have the option to dwonload a other app at the same time isnt soooo important. But it would be beatiful if Preware could download a app in the background (only when its open, not closed) and i could look in the meantime for other apps.

    I hope you understand me. i hope this idears will grow up in your hands

    MFG Karotte
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