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    Since the 1.4 update, strange things have been going on...

    Following the update, I did the Update thing for all my patches (no themes installed). This included the ipkgservice update.

    I restarted later and opened Preware. The home screen had no updates, 250 available packages, no installed packages (whereas i had ~70 including apps and patches - they are all still installed, just dont show up). All 250 available were from the patches feed.

    I checked the /media/cryptofs/apps/etc/ipkg and sure enough, only webos-patches.conf had anything in. I tried adding the data to the other (e.g. webos-internals.conf), and when i updated feeds in preware again, it downloaded them, but they weren't shown in the interface.

    Not sure what's going on. Very annoying, partly because Browser multi-mod is installed so browser doesnt work. If anyone can help suggesting anything other than doctoring, it would be nice.

    Any more info needed, just ask.
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    I'm going to try reinstalling ipkgservice with quick install. Just got to download doctor first
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    In case anyone else gets it:
    Quick install reinstalling package manager service and preware fixed everything except that the database of installed apps disappeared (the apps were still there though), so now I'm just going through reinstalling everything.
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    I had a problem yesterday with Preware loading lists, but today things seem to be much better.
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    Had a similar problem and thankfully preware began to work again after enabling and disabling package updates locking things up for me.

    Big problem for me related to some of the Multimix browser patches breaking the web browser...I just removed a couple patches and rebooted and things are better. Either way, that's another thread and thanks Preware. Sorli...

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