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    I was just thinking about an idea to help with the preservation of patches after a doctoring. What if a feature could be implemented within Preware which created a file with a 'list' of all of the official Preware patches in the USB directory, updating the file every time a patch is installed or uninstalled (kind of like the log file).

    This file could then be applied after a fresh install, and it would just download and install the patches in one click (although it would take a some time for them all to finish installing).

    I guess this could also apply to applications also.

    What do you guys think?
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    I like it
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    I think it sounds a lot like the AUPT technology in the latest Preware release.

    Mount your Pre as a USB drive; there's a file called


    that has a list of your installed patches; check it out. I presume AUPT uses this during the update process to re-install your patch set.
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