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    So I have tried running WebOS Doctor multiple times, and when I install preware, it says I have patches installed. . . and I can't install or update or remove any of said patches, even though they don't actually work. . . also, even after a complete doctoring, it's apparent there are some things left behind, because the added launcher pages are still there. . . shouldn't it go back to pretty much straight up factory when I doctor it?
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    You'd think so, wouldn't you?

    Unfortunately running WebOS Doctor is not the same as formatting your hard drive and reinstalling Windows - portions of the original directory structure do remain.

    I would recommend always performing a Full Erase (Launcher -> Device Info -> Reset Options) before running WebOS Doctor. But make sure you backup everything in /media/internal (the files & folders you can see when you plug your device into your computer by USB).

    There are two patches - LED Notifications and Add/Remove Launcher Pages that will persist even after a full erase / doctor. To set things back to the default behaviour you need to reinstall them and manually turn LED notifications off and delete all the extra launcher pages that you added. Then Full Erase, Doctor and you'll have a "clean" system again.

    Good luck

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