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    I have installed the OpenSSH package from preware and am trying to ssh in using my public key.

    Steps I have taken;

    - Installed OpenSSH package from preware
    - (From My Linux Terminal) ssh-keygen
    - Generated the keys with a passphrase.
    - Transfered my to the pre to /media/internal/
    - mv /media/internal/ /var/home/root/.ssh/authorized_keys

    Tried to ssh in and I get

    Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).

    I have copied my public key to other linux servers and I can log straight in no probs.

    Can anyone help please??
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    actually I think I was just being stupid.

    was forgetting to ssh as root@ip. I was just trying to ssh ip

    Working ok.

    Is there any way to not ssh as root. I'd just like to be able to mount the /media/internal fs to copy media etc over wifi.
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    How do I find my public key for access?

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