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    Is it even possible to install on a mac?
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    install what? I have a mac & webosqi works since it's just java, then you install preware through there.
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    Yes, I installed Preware last night using my Mac Mini. Follow this guide: Application:Preware - WebOS Internals

    It's a Java app so you would follow the same steps if you were using Windows.
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    the one that i noticed on a PPC Mac is that the latest Java 1.6 is for intel macs so i couldn't install it on my PPC. I could be wrong but if anyone has a PPC and was able to install WebOS Quick Install, let me know.
    I had to use a windows based PC.
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    how did u get java for a mac
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    Quote Originally Posted by usethepre View Post
    Is it even possible to install on a mac?
    Did you ever get Preware successfully installed via WebOS Quick Install from your Mac? I'm asking because, as a fellow Mac owner/user, I experienced a number of headaches along the way - since there are several quirks that Mac owners must deal with - which most of the posts on PreCentral don't mention or explain.

    So - if it's still a problem for you - let me know or post again - and I'll pass on what I found out.


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    OS X 10.5.8 here running on Macbook Air.

    Installed webOSDoctor.jar and webOSQuickInstall.jar with no problems. Then I used webOSQuickInstall to install PreWare. Also no problems.
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