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    OK So we have a thread on here... probably by now 102 pages long! OMG. Anyways.... Reading through this abundance of data- are a ton of people that post something so simple as a 'Thanks GREG!!!' ok great.. thanks, but isnt that what we have a THANKS! button for? Anyways... enough of my rant- the reason I start a new thread, is so I can find an actual answer.

    I installed the Messaging plugins which had worked on previous versions of webos, and they ceased functioning for me after updates. The newest version was released for us to download- thanks greg btw. LOL- anyways... None of the plugin icons showed up and I couldnt login to yahoo IM. I uninstalled and reinstalled and lost the yahoo plugin altogether. Now no matter WHAT I do... the patch wont come off, nor will it allow me to re-install it... and none of the icons are there next to the plugins which when uninstalled DO in fact- go away....

    Anyone have any idea without doctoring the phone... again... ?
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    if you have you ca use the webos repair utility (forum search should help) and repair the damaged messenger files. this should help. with it's a bit trickier, because repair utility does not support it. so you have to copy the files for the messenger per console. there is a list of files in the old messenger thread. somewhere around page 80 i think
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    As we speak I am uninstalling the plugins... for like the 3rd time. Going to restart the phone and try the repair utility- I had it downloaded and was having USB issues on my laptop with Windows 7... LOL.

    This was my next step in troubleshooting- I will post my results but not having much hope.
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    UPDATE: Removed all plugins, ran WOSRepair- seems to be gone but still yahoo is gone and now have a bunch of empty buttons in the "add account" menu... frustrating I may have to doctor this thing again. damn.
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    Ok, finally- GOT IT. This was REALLY DUMB on how I had to get it running.

    First I figured out I was installing not only the 'all' plugin patch but all of the individuals as well- esentially duplicating them. This couldnt help matters much. After I did the above, I first reinstalled the GNU patch, reboot, installed the patch system files, rebooted, installed the messaging patch, rebooted, and installed the necessary plugins... rebooted- and voila... working. What a pain in the *****.

    anyways... thanks @greg_roll... you're the man...
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    Gee now if I could figure out why- after about 5 minutes it kicks me out of Yahoo IM and says my password is invalid- FUNNY- It logged in and grabbed my contacts. UGH.

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