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    Announcing the first public release of VisualBoyAdvance for the pre

    Brought to you by dtzWill (me).

    Thanks to the entire webos-internals team for being awesome and helping provide the tools and knowledge to help make this happen.
    Thanks to #webos-internals for their feedback and ideas.
    In particular, big thanks to (no particular order)
    and everyone else who helped this project with ideas and feedback.

    This emulator plays

    • Gameboy
    • Gameboy Color
    • Gameboy Advance

    The official wiki is here: Application:VBA - WebOS Internals


    pretty please?

    Lots of work has gone into what we have so far, see the wiki for more details and an official changelog.

    Finally, I've spent a LOT of time on this for you all to enjoy, and am giving it away for free!

    If you find it useful, please consider buying the app in the App Catalog.

    Alternatively, you may choose to Donate
    Donations will be much appreciated and all go back into development.

    Please post questions/suggestions/comments please and I'll address them as I can.

    Happy gaming!
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    Can not wait until this hits Preware! I definitely will be donating!
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    Great to see this released glad i could help a bit!

    PS: any improvements to the version in the testing feed?

    EDIT: ok some :
    1.0.1 : Small performance boost, public release
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic-NKT View Post
    Great to see this released glad i could help a bit!

    PS: any improvements to the version in the testing feed?
    Should be a little faster, testing yielded ~10% faster in my testing (for GBA), but I can't test everything so YMMV.
    thread App Cat
    thread App Cat

    If you like my work, please consider donating or buying VBA!
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    Just great...Played Kingdom Hearts for GBA and worked fine(withno sound)...and Mario Tennis for GBA (again, no sound) but great job...Will be donating. thank you
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    Fantastic, works really well for GB/C games, haven't tried any GBA ones yet. Is there any way to rebind the controls? I'd like to change WASD to EWSD so I'm able to do diagonal presses.
    webOS Ports' UI Architect & luna-sysmgr guru.
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    Controls are hardcoded in the current version, maybe in the future there will be a option to edit those, atleast in config file?
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    I will be testing many GBA games and report their compatibility here, and hopefully the wiki as well.

    Great job on the emulator.

    EDIT: Best app ever. It runs Fire Emblem extremely well. BEST. GAME. EVER.
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    Is there any chance of you setting it up for portrait mode (in terms of notifications etc.) seeing as you have to use the keyboard? Also, a portrait rom selector would be muchly appreciated. Fantastic work, I'm having a great time playing Bionic Commando and Link's Awakening DX!
    webOS Ports' UI Architect & luna-sysmgr guru.
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    About the donations, I was donating to WebOS internals every time because I tought the money will go to all of you. Perhaps you should consider this... It's unfair to donate individually because I love the work of all of the WebOS internals guys. You should come out with a common account and share the money of that account according internal rules.
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    Wooo! Zelda, mario, metroid!
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    I've tried it with pokemon yellow, prince of persia, and nba jam te. All work smooth. Video and audio playback is perfect. Saving works.

    Thanks for all the hardwork guys!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ivan1.ruiz View Post
    I did the same thing
    did it work for you ?
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    thiiiiiiis is awesome.. amazing work! im so psyched right now.. btw Snood for GBA world phenomenally without sound
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    I Added several YouTube Videos to the wikipage:
    Mario Kart Advance:
    Zelda DX:
    Pokemon Crystal:
    Super Mario Land 2:
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    Why not ask google?
    You shouldnt post links to rom sites on this forum. its like posting Commercial AppCatalog Apps.
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    i got it to work..sims bustin out is a great game...wish it was in landscape mode tho...
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    got mario kart super circuit to work, but it is not in full screen. I noticed that it is on YouTube. any suggestions as to what I need to fix? I did all of my transfers with a PC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ivan1.ruiz View Post
    yes it did. I downloaded them to the cmputer and unzip them to the pre usb then used internalz to move it to VBA roms
    well yeah it works like that I was trying to download it with no use of a computer just doing everything on the pre.
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    YAY thank you for this, I loved VBA on my PC, im setting everything up on the pre now, and will definately donate if I like the funcionality +10 for VBA
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