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    i m trying to install the WebOS Internals PDK from the wiki but having problems to setup the scratchbox. After typing 'make stage' i get this error:

    configure: creating ./config.status
    config.status: creating Makefile
    config.status: creating expat_config.h
    config.status: expat_config.h is unchanged
    ( cd build/src ; sb2 -M /srv/preware/cross-compile/staging/mapping-armv7 /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 lib/expat.h \
    		lib/expat_external.h /usr/local/include )
    /usr/bin/install: target `/usr/local/include' is not a directory
    make[2]: *** [build/armv7.built] Error 1
    make[2]: Leaving directory `/srv/preware/cross-compile/packages/expat'
    make[1]: *** [stage] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/srv/preware/cross-compile/packages/fontconfig'
    make: *** [staging-armv7] Error 2
    After this error, i also tried to compile doom, but then getting this error

    checking for SDL - version >= 1.0.1... ./configure: 1272: /usr/local/bin/sdl-config: not found
    ./configure: 1272: /usr/local/bin/sdl-config: not found
    ./configure: 1272: /usr/local/bin/sdl-config: not found
    ./configure: 1272: /usr/local/bin/sdl-config: not found
    ./configure: 1272: /usr/local/bin/sdl-config: not found
    *** Could not run SDL test program, checking why...
    *** The test program failed to compile or link. See the file config.log for the
    *** exact error that occured. This usually means SDL was incorrectly installed
    *** or that you have moved SDL since it was installed. In the latter case, you
    *** may want to edit the sdl-config script: /usr/local/bin/sdl-config
    configure: error: *** SDL version 1.0.1 not found!
    Im runnung Ubuntu 9.10 in a VirtualBox client on a Windows 7 host, but this should not be the problem.
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    to fix the first problem you have to enter scratchbox with
    sb2 -M /srv/preware/cross-compile/staging/mapping-armv7
    and execute

    mkdir -p /usr/local/include/
    So when expat is build, you will see some more errors. IMO there is some dependency information missing, but you can workaround it if you build the package manually. For me it failed, because libsdl was missing. So I executed this command.

    make -C packages/libsdl ARCH=armv7 stage
    Kind regards,
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    Thanks, with your help i was able to build doom with scratchbox.
    Now all is running...
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    I've managed to use a virtualboxed ubuntu to compile doom, however do i need to download the mojo sdk in order to ssh my binaries to root@pre? It keeps telling me that it can't find the directory.

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